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Monday, March 25, 2013

Build Your Own Table for the Perfect Office Space

Many professionals are concerned with making the most out of their office space. A comfortable work space promotes productivity, facilitates efficiency, and increases the chances of entering that blissful state of work-related flow. Few things make an office feel more cluttered and cramped than an ill-fitting work table, and not all spaces are shaped the same. Finding a desk with the perfect dimensions is sometimes impossible. One great solution to this problem is to build your own table with the unique needs of your work space in mind.

Tight Spaces

Some offices are short on space, and this issue is compounded when bulky furniture is placed in the room. When you build your own table, it fits like a glove within the area you have to work with, giving your work space a feeling of openness. By utilizing all available space in a small work area efficiently, output is maximized.

Individual Style and Preference

Every individual has their own working style, and this can be taken into consideration when you build your own desk. Are you happiest when working with several monitors available at a glance? Do you constantly find yourself wishing for a little more elbow room? These needs and others are easily integrated into the planning process, enabling you to build a table that suits your needs and work style perfectly.

Creating the Perfect Group Space

Brainstorming sessions and think tanks go smoother in a well-planned room. By taking advantage of the dimensions of the available space and building tables and desks accordingly, a large group can sit and discuss matters efficiently without feeling hemmed in or too far apart for communication.

When you build your own tables, the work space starts working for you rather than against you. Custom-making your table or desk is quicker and easier than ever before, making custom work spaces an accessible reality for busy professionals everywhere.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why Tables and Chairs Matter

When it comes to education, there is often a great deal of emphasis placed on teacher proficiency and the students' ability to memorize and understand. There is more to learning than that, however, and most students learn best by applying themselves in an environment that is conducive to it.

Effective Learning and the Environment

A successful learning space is an area that maximizes the instructor's ability to teach, fosters interaction between the teacher and students, and promotes an atmosphere of comfort and alertness. An optimal room is wide, has a practical shape, and has additional compartments, such as breakout areas.

Feng Shui

The Chinese term "feng shui" is a philosophy that concerns arranging living spaces in a way that is conducive to the flow of human energy, or qi. In modern Western culture, we often use the principles of feng shui to achieve a "perfect spot."

The Perfect Spot

Optimizing modern learning spaces requires challenging the culturally ingrained yet inefficient methods we're most apt to use. The classic grid layout employed in most K-12 schools, for instance, is not ideal, but the education culture is often quite reticent to change. In the business world, where innovation is often welcomed, we've found that a U-shaped configuration for our training room tables and chairs is much more productive.

Not Just Tables and Chairs

When designing a learning space, it is paramount that we you not take the choice of tables and chairs for granted. Tables and chairs are tools that have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the learning space. Make each choice with purpose, which means understanding how the table or chairs will affect the ability for teachers to teach and students to learn.

Many businesses and schools throw money away by purchasing furniture with very little consideration for the role that it plays in daily operations. Furniture selection should involve more than just aesthetics, and those who treat the choice of training room tables and chairs as an investment will find that the dividends extend far beyond the furniture itself.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Finding Cost Effective Replacement Table Tops for Your Café

If you're a restaurant or café owner, you know that your budget is tighter than you'd like it to be. With overhead costs being so high and your profit-margin being so thin, you know that being able to save money anywhere you can is imperative.  One way you can save money is by looking into purchasing replacement table tops at a great price. You might be wondering how table tops can save you money, but the explanation is rather simple.

Brand new furniture costs a lot of money. You know how much you invested to furnish your café in the first place. But over time, your table tops will inevitably suffer from wear and tear. Their constant use will take the shine off and scratches may begin to appear on the surfaces that customers interact with. Maintaining an attractive appearance is just as important as the quality of the food and beverages you serve. Old, worn out table tops don't automatically mean you need to buy all new tables though. The legs and base are probably in fine working condition. Why spend all that money on all new tables when you can just get replacement table tops?

By purchasing replacement table tops for your café you achieve two things:

You can freshen up the look of your establishment for a relatively low price. And, if you desire, you can try out a whole new look. You don't need to keep the table top design you currently have now. Buy all new designs and place them on your existing legs and bases to give your café an all new look for a fraction of the price.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Boosting Your Business Presence Using Replacement Tabletops

Many of our clients worry about their ability to make an effective impression. True, they're definitely concerned with how their consumers see them, but they also recognize the need to improve the way their own staff and business partners view them. Fortunately, replacement tabletops are perfect for changing your firm's image for the better without remodeling the whole office.

You already know that it's important to maintain clean offices, a pristine sales floor and well-ordered facilities in general, but you need to do more than repaint the walls and sweep the floors every once in a while. Even though many of us regard furniture purely for its functional abilities, the reality is that furniture choices affect human psychology.

When people find themselves in a visually appealing yet relaxing environment, they're more likely to get work done and stay focused. Disarray serves as a major distraction, but properly arranged and well-matched offices do the opposite. Employees feel refreshed by their surroundings, and they suffer from less workplace-induced fatigue. This well-established tenet of interior decor is similar in effect to the ergonomic principles included in many interactive devices like chairs and computer peripherals.

The right replacement tabletops can increase the sense of open space without sacrificing any of the utility their less attractive counterparts once bore. Simple differences like rounded edges instead of hard corners or custom trapezoidal forms that take advantage of oddly shaped office spaces serve to optimize your office layout. They make it easier for visitors and regular workers to interact with the space and ensure they feel less stressed out by the overall experience.

Your office design ought to reflect your corporate values. For instance, using our great replacement tabletops to institute a color scheme that matches your logo is an awesome way to implement organizational standards and promote your brand in a subtle way. These changes may only directly affect the workplace environment, yet they go a long way toward improving worker satisfaction and raising the quality of their output.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Manhattan Restaurants Clean Up After Sandy

The effects and devastation of Hurricane Sandy are being dealt with in lower Manhattan restaurants, where some damage is still in evidence. Piles of furniture, such as restaurant tables and chairs, could be seen littering the sidewalks in places in the week after the storm and many businesses are still in the process of repairing and replacing storefronts, ordering new furniture, and replacing food that went bad with the power out.

While many establishments closed down for the duration of the storm, some brave businesses, such as Italian eatery Macelleria, kept their doors open for locals. When restaurants lost power, a couple even catered in candlelight. While this type of lighting is usually considered the embodiment of a romantic meal, one can only imagine that there was an air of danger to the notion when coupled with the howling winds outside. With stocks full of food that would only spoil, however, it's unsurprising that some intrepid owners decided to empty their pantries during the hurricane.

Certain locations used their kitchens for even greater good, cooking meals to serve to rescue workers and those in the city that were without power or otherwise affected by the storm. While not every business felt that they could safely stay open during the gale, some began to cook almost immediately afterwards to help those in need.

In the aftermath of Sandy, many establishments are still recovering. Those eateries that stayed open may still have had damage inflicted and many of those that didn't came back to find their properties a mess. With subways flooded and roads blocked, the cleanup effort has been slow, but improvements can be seen every day. For those that are still picking up the pieces, we have a great selection of furniture that can help your restaurant get back to business as usual, regardless of how nice those candlelit dinners are. Those heroic people that boldly provided food and service to their city in this time of crisis will be thanked for it by dedicated customers, who the restaurants will now be able to serve properly again.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Modern Conference Tables Prove Appearance Matters

When clients come to your office, the first thing they do is judge your firm based on how the space is presented. Although you have spent a lot of time creating great products and services, first impressions really revolve around looks. If you want to impress visitors, start by building a tasteful office environment utilizing modern conference tables and other elements of contemporary design.

We believe that the furniture in your office isn't just something you use for its functional value. Although it's important that your furniture meets seating requirements and activity needs, for instance, it also has to represent the firm well. Updating the furniture is essential to ensuring that outside observers won't entertain the idea that your firm is stuck in the past, with outdated concepts.

Why not make sure that visitors get a good first impression? Simply rearranging the furnishings in your offices can totally redefine how people view you, but with older furniture, there's a hidden assumption that you don't care about upkeep or can't afford to do better. When your office is full of modern conference tables and other well-designed furnishings, however, it is clear that you're willing to reinvest in the facilities. They gain an inherent trust and sense of respect for you because they know you're concerned about the environment you create and accommodating the individuals who work there.

The conference table, additionally, is the center of the firm: Clients gather around it, and presentations are given from it.

The impressions we help you make with modern furniture play a direct role on your employees as well. People are more productive in well-outfitted environments, and they're also happier. When employees get to use environments that don't restrict their freedom of motion and allow them to work unhindered, they'll generally feel less stressed out. This increases productivity and it also helps your staff members present their best faces to visitors. Although it seems blindingly simple, upgrading your office with our modern furniture goes a long way.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Importance of Quality Computer Desks

The Internet has steered many individuals to work from home or telecommute. These days, many people run their business online, work full-time jobs online, and do freelance or part-time work online. With more and more employees working from home, choosing the right computer desk is extremely important. With a desk that is comfortable and spacious, you will be more productive and relaxed as you work.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best computer desk for a home office:

Quality: The worth of every computer desk depends on how well-crafted it is and how durable the materials used are. There are numerous materials to choose from. For a work area at home, most individuals choose home office furniture that is made of solid and sturdy wood like ash, oak, and mahogany. A computer desk that is made of wood blends easily with the existing wood furniture and home furnishings, enhancing the home décor while providing a sturdy and reliable workspace.

Size, Shape, and Functionality: Other important factors to consider are the size, shape, and functionality of the computer desk. It should provide enough space to meet the user’s needs without eating too much of a room’s space. How a desk fits into a home office depends not only on its size, but also on its shape. Typically, computer desks come in a wide variety of shape options to choose from, including the traditional, U-shape, L-shape, A- tower, corner desk, and more. Also, the type of work to be done in the desk strongly impacts the decision. For instance, if the work entails a lot of papers, choosing a computer desk with an added curve or wing provides more flat work space.

Budget: Budget is another important factor to consider. To get the most out of your budget, take time to review different brands of computer desks and their features, styles, and the materials used. There is no need to pay a lot of money in order to get a high-quality computer desk. You just need to be alert and resourceful in finding the best deals available on the Internet.

No matter what style computer desk you choose for your home office, has you covered. We are proud to supply high quality desks at affordable prices, so be sure to browse our site today.